Friday, March 23, 2012

Love bomb Mock Ups

Here are some mock ups I've made for the Mother's Day lovebomb. All of the copy, of course needs writing.. but this is the general idea.


Landing page- I am not sure about this graphic.... or any of the copy. I think that I might revisit the graphic and possibly include a kid or something holding a "webpage" like a card. 

Step one: here's the templates. I cut it down to 6. (These templates might not actually be the final contenders) I tried to make the "steps" pages feel really clean so that if needed, in the future, this  could be re-purposed.

Step two- here the fun begins! I added in a mini browser view so that users can see that this is actually something that happens on a webpage. This mockup is as if a user has clicked on the text block and a widget will pop up to allow for editing. The widget is tabbed here so that a user can remix both the text as well as the color.

If you click on the html tags- (here the paragraph  tag) the whole page will ghost and the hacktionary definition will pop up.


Step 3: share page. The icons are for : twitter, mail, the url and grabbing the html code- I'm not actually sure if those are the right options- need to check in with the Engagement team on that one. As I look at the mock up here... I think that I need to move the graphic of the website up a few pixels- and also move the phat footer down a few pixels. I am trying to keep this page as simple as possible. I am wondering if there's some pre-determined text that mozilla can create for the tweets... and the emails.

First stab. A lot of iteration already is going on here, which you can see if you check out my Flickr stream.