Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer Reading Review

My thesis writing class is having a quiz on the summer reading today. Since I did the reading in June, I felt that I had to re-read everything. In doing this, I took some notes on the reading, and tried implementing a few of the techniques to my current concept. I found the reading useful and it made me feel more confident about writing and speaking about my idea. I pulled together my ideas into a little slide show while I was writing. Although I did this because I didn't have any note paper around when I was reading, I did find it helpful. I do have a few questions even though the reading packet was VERY thorough. For one, I am unsure how the "iterative writing process" works when I completely change my concept. Do I go back? According to the reading, I don't because that is recursive. Also, I am still a little unclear on how much I need to document in my interviews. I conducted 4 phone interviews the other day. I had a hard time writing every single thing that I said along with the responses down, am I supposed to document every part of this communication?