Thursday, September 10, 2009

Notes from 9/10 Thesis Studio

Immediate To Do:
- define thesis question
- define "user group"

Iteration Cycles:
  • decide on critical part of thesis inquiry that must be solved
  • planning the iteration schedule and breaking down tasks to address one or all aspects of the project (look and feel, production delivery, implementation and distribution)
  • verify and advance
  • contextualize
  • document and evaluate
Upcoming Schedule
9/7- make and brief writing
9/14- test and brief writing- research supported
9/21- evaluate and brief DUE

identify advisors within the faculty and in the outside world
identify a mentor
identify a cohort: a core group of people that i will regularly be working closely with. (identify audience.) a twitter group is fine.

General Notes
Think about what I can do to play with my idea in a non- goal oriented, exploratory way.
Think about how I am framing my questions for each iteration
My thesis question should include one or more hypothesis

Concept Brief: most important/ best paragraph you've ever written in your life
Impetus Brief: why is this something that I and others may be passionate about

You can say that you are making an exploratory experiment with no predictable outcome