Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gaming and my animation

In my story, Mica (the boy) is going to initially be seen playing an interactive game in his room. I have been thinking about everyones great feedback on this blog, but particularly about the fact that my story might give the impression that my thesis point is about computers and technology being evil. Obviously this is not the case (otherwise I will be getting this master's degree as an act of masachism). However, I was thinking that one thing that might be good to do was to integrate his skills that he gains from technology (for example choice making and navigation) to help him through the garden in the later part of the story. I could possibly have a "game vision" sequence where the scene looks like a video game from Mica's perspective.

Thoughts? I think this might help shorten my story as well because I could take out other parts that aren't as necessary- maybe the part when Mica learns to garden (although I personally love it) because Mica will have a similar sensory experience when he touches the pond water.