Monday, July 21, 2008

Leaving my Job

I have mixed feelings about leaving my job on Friday. Of course I want to leave and start on my new trajectory and to leave the obnoxious- ulcer causing- office politics. But there is something kind of uncomfortable about leaving a place that you have worked at for three years.

I spend so much time at work. I wake up- take the train- work and sleep with very few activities in between. Just writing that makes me realize how I need this change of graduate school. However, you build up these relationships at work that you know would have never lasted in "the real world." You have the office gossiper, the guy into sports, the women who are in their late 40s who have never married and I wonder what am I to them? Am I the nice girl, the bubbly one? I'm really happy to move beyond this little bubble, but sort of sad because I know that I will never speak to these people again.