Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Presentation: October 6,2009

This is the week before my midterm presentation- presentation. All the ingredients for the midterm are here but I need to figure out the recipe a little more.
The feedback I got was super helpful.
For next week, things I need to look in to:
  • make a domain map
  • make a slide that breaks out my schedule into a map
  • incorporate statistics and citations into a slide
  • pull together a style frame with the images in the map
  • precedents but only for shaping domain etc
  • storyboard the narrative
  • incorporate the notion of 21st century learning goals and media literacy (deploying technologies in the classroom, kids not just being consumers, but producers themselves, feeding into the hackability and re-mixability factor).
  • think about flickr or videos for backgrounds
  • scenarios