Monday, March 2, 2009

It's really snowing out here in Queens!

This is a really nicely done grafitti area that you can only see coming on the A train to/ from Rock Park to Ozone Park area. It's right by that Bowling Alley (high above in the sky). My window had tons of ice on it today. There were MTA people cleaning off the ice. I've never seen so many MTA people on the Rockaway commute.

some scenic photos
when the train stopped at the Rockaway Park station- they wouldn't open the doors for 25 minutes. I sat alone looking at the wet floors and listening to the whistling of the window. It was beautiful and sort of lonesome all at once.

The station. Covered in 3ft of snow today. (at 8am)!

at the bus stop- waiting with a group of 20 something people for about 25 minutes.