Saturday, July 11, 2009

Style comparison

Okay- here are basically the two styles that I am considering using the same sketch.

a) vector- based off of drawing but not committed to it.
b) hand drawn, scanned and inked.



hyunj16 said...

i prefer the second sketch, mainly because it has more organic feel to it. but i like the color of the first sketch.

but for both characters, i'd imagine there can be more textures added to it, to give it more depth?

Gillian Fisher said...

I like the vectors—they seem cleaner, but I wouldn't abandon the hand-drawn ones. Perhaps make a layer with just the black scanned-in lines that you can put on top of the colored-in layer so that your colors aren't crowding the might help tighten up the hand-drawn versions...

Gillian Fisher said... could live trace the sketch in illustrator then color that way... I tried that:

here's one with the black lines over the colored-in version (it's kind of rough..)

just things to consider...

Jessica Klein said...

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I think that I really do ultimately like that my hand can be seen in the ones that are pulled from the drawings. I do like the crispness of the vector style, but I am also afraid that might be a little more difficult to animate later on with fluidity. I am going to try to re-draw some images tomorrow on clean paper, ink them, scan them and then try the two versions- outline layer on top as well as the live trace. It's pretty difficult because aesthetically the styles achieve a totally different feel.

Gillian Fisher said...

It's funny, I struggle with this all the time: I always want everything I make to be all smooth and shiny and vector is so good at that, but usually when other people see my work what they like about it is the messiness which I'm always struggling against... Argh! So I guess I might have kind of a weird bias... I think both styles are looking really good, though!