Sunday, July 19, 2009

Character/Concept Art

Since I have been mainly focusing on the story and script for the past 2 weeks, the drawings that I have done are mostly sketches on the subway. I did a few with color. I do feel that I am getting somewhere with the protagonist- boy character. Here are some sketches that I did. They are mostly the boy and the mother. They are from my sketchbook so the paper is a bit see- through.


hyunj16 said...

i like the characters..
especially the first one!

i think i like it, because he sort of resembles me.. haha.

well, keep up the good work, jess.

Tall Dave said...

The mom's slouch made me sit up. ^^ I think your protagonist gender-switch opens up some interesting possibilities in terms of mother-son dynamics. 'Cause let me tell you... it's dynamic.

Jess said...

Thanks guys. Yeah I am feeling good about my gender switch- urm... my character's gender switch. I am continuing to push that first drawing further. I think that mother son dynamics are interesting and in this case it's sort of a single parent household. Something to keep in my mind. I recently met a very nice 7 year old boy and his relationship with his mom was interesting. It was definitely a balance between wanting to a big boy but still enjoying being babied.