Friday, February 13, 2009

Film Art_ Experimental Film

I like this reading because although I am personally a more literal creator, I really appreciate experimental film and the emotive qualities that it can produce in a completely different way than more traditional methods of film making. I think it takes a lot to accept experimental film making because aside from all of the theory and techniques the most important thing is that the concept is exceptionally strong. This is because the concept is the guiding principle of the entire work.

Some Notes:
Experimental films are made to - express personal experiences or viewpoints
- express a mood or quality
- explore the medium
Experimental films sometimes use narrative form.
In abstract form the entire film is organized around the changing pictorial qualities of line, color, shape, size and movement of images
Abstract films are organized by themes and variations
rhythm of editing is as important as the rhythm of movement

Associational formal systems- suggest ideas and expressive qualities by grouping images that may not have any immediate logical connection.