Thursday, June 5, 2014

Portfolio Design Workshop

Yesterday I went to a portfolio workshop for Hive NYC members at the Brooklyn Public Library. The workshop was run by Julia Vallera and the goal was to help people think through the process of developing content to showcase projects created within the Hive, however, the it ended up being so much more. By the end of the day, participants were helping members of the Hive HQ iterate on their portfolio application form, and started to articulate the need for tools that support an innovation framework.

Lifecycle of a Project 
Workshop participants reviewed the timeline of a project from exploration to the phase where you might be sharing out learnings (the portfolio touchpoint). Julia used this chart which compares the creation cycle to the lifecycle of water (how amazing is that?!). Particpants articulated that while there are lots of touchpoints and feeback loops after something has been created, there is a real desire for in-progress community support and reflection.

Portfolio template:
Participants used this template to start developing out their project portfolio piece.  Some feedback that Hive members gave is that it would be awesome if they could be developing the content throughout their making process. Additionally, they explained that it was really important to be able to identify who the author of the content was and in turn, who that author was "speaking to" via the medium of the portfolio.

After listening to Hive members talk for a few hours and taking notes (below), I realized that there's a real opportunity to support what Brian from Beam Center referred to as a "framework for innovation" and what Leah from the Hive called a "living archive of process." 

I am going to tinker with Atul, Kat, Chris and the rest of the Hive community to think through what this could be, but overall I found this workshop inspiring and am eager to start noodling in this opportunity space. Some initial thoughts is that we should think through what a process dashboard and process project profile could look like. Here's what I sketched while at the workshop, but am going to dive deeper this week.