Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lovebomb templates

I'm working on some Mother's Day themed templates for lovebomb. Here's what I've got so far:

mothersday3 mothers4 mothers5 mothersday2  eyeheartu


Tod Robbins said...

Jess, these are awesome! The support one is so funny!

Jess said...

Thanks Tod!

Laura said...

I think the flower one is really good because it seems like a classic “For Mom” design. It's very clean and feels respectful, which (for some people) is probably an important one to have.

I like the second one a lot too, but since we can't allow people to upload their own images, perhaps the photo should be replaced with something “mom” like. Maybe a silhouette photograph of parent and child? Search “mom symbol” in google, maybe that inspires some ideas.

Third one is actually my favorite. I think it's really funny, and fully disagree with the statement “it's too risque”. Firstly, Mozilla isn't a conservative company. Secondly, there's no reason why we should ignore societal and social expectations like bra wearing, particularly when they apply only to one gender. But, you know, that's just my opinion.

Next one is problematic for the same reasons as the second template.

I has the best mom – my only comment here, can we find an image that isn't blurry? Funny kitty images are all over the internet! I'd be happy to go looking at kitties to help you find a better photo :)

The last one makes me think of American sign language. What if instead of the drawings it had the sign for “I love you”? For some reason, I'm not particularly fond of this drawing...

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