Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thesis Class Presentation


stang said...

The platform in which you distribute your narrative content should be based on the age range of beach injury victims. What's the age group with the most victims? Kids, teens, adults, or the elderly? A nonlinear narrative distributed by phones may not be the most suitable form?

Jess said...

Yeah. The more that I think about it- I realize that I don't want to include the mobile component. Not because of the user group- but because it seem a little pointless. I am thinking a way of getting people in would be by putting up Lost At Sea posters- kind of like Lost Dog posters. I'm not sure, I am still brainstorming.

The Weekend Warrior said...

hey jess-

i just finished your presentation, and i really like your ideas. from knowing you and seeing your work, it's clear that storytelling is an important part of your creative process, and inevitably your final product. and you do it so well! that said, i would maybe introduce the idea of telling a drowning victim's personal story a bit earlier than say, the 8th or 9th slide.

i also think that you could put your visual acuity more to work here. slides where you list statistics are very interesting, and tie in directly to your research. maybe spice things up a bit with some graphs, or more maps.